From the inception of C-Store Loyalty to today’s transaction-based incentives and rewards: in store, mobile, and at the pump.

Outsite Networks continues to define the future of C-Store Loyalty.

AllPoints Mobile

Secure the loyalty of the mobile consumer

Today’s consumers are mobile. Stay relevant by placing your store locations, offers and rewards in their hands. AllPoints Mobile integrates with AllPoints C-Store Loyalty to provide relevant rewards based on consumer purchase behavior. Whether you use AllPoints Rewards — our national C-Store industry app — or your own branded version, AllPoints is the easiest way to take your stores mobile.

AllPoints Pump Conversion

Bring fuel customers in-store with mobile offers at the pump

Our new, unique Tap-Beacon technology enables consumers to receive mobile offers, rewards and entertainment at the pump. Just tap with your smartphone to see a list of offers youcan claim in the store. Whether using Tap-Beacons at the pump, in-store, or throughout your community, it’s never been easier to engage the mobile consumer.

AllPoints C-Store Loyalty

Secure the loyalty of your most valuable C-Store shoppers 

Offer loyalty cards for customers to use in-store and at the pump, seamlessly integrating your loyalty program with your POS, fuel system, and mobile app. Engage customers further with a branded in-store kiosk to promote your program and let members print point statements, status reports, and more. Optional kiosks at each POS reach shoppers with onscreen store specials and printed coupons, recruiting every customer into your loyalty program.

AllPoints Insights & Analytics

Understand your customers at the transactional level

  • Retail Insights. Monthly reporting on your program’s performance.
  • Retail Analytics. Custom segmentation of your consumer base for more targeted programs.
  • C-Store Loyalty Insights & Analytics. Aggregated C-Store trends, consumer behavior, and statistics.
  • Retail Benchmark. Benchmark your program against the C-Store industry.

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Decades of experience in POS and fuel transaction systems led to the creation of AllPoints™ Rewards, the only C-Store loyalty marketing ecosystem. AllPoints enables you to offer a variety of loyalty incentives to your customers, from paper to digital — reward them for their loyalty. Now retailers, manufacturers, and fuel brands can build loyalty and grow sales from all shoppers — in-store, at the pump, and throughout the community. Our loyalty systems have processed over 6 billion transactions to form the insights that guide strategic growth.

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